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Renovation Consultation Services

We offer a one-stop renovation service. With a full suite of professional renovation consultation services, we will manage your project from the start till the end with focus on quality workmanship and service.

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Bathroom / Toilet Renovation

Bathroom & Toilet renovation service and packages that are customised to your needs. View the different types of toilet renovation packages below or contact us for more customised services.

Kitchen Renovation

kitchen renovation during the design phase we will help you with careful measurements and walk you through small but important details or remodeling works consisting installation of flooring, kitchen cabinets, countertop, kitchen sink, etc.


We provide a service which effects minimal disruption to and low interference with surrounding activities and set-ups. We cite an established track record of projects ranging from a wide spectrum from clear-cut to challenging requirements.

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We work with our partner waterproofing contractor to provide waterproofing consultancy including diagnosis and problem solving for all type of water leakage issues and projects.

Drywall Partition

Drywall partition is the fastest and most affordable way to restructure existing space or create new functional spaces. A partition wall is a vertical panel made of lightweight material that divides space.

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We can arrange for professional plumbers to help with the installation of a variety of plumbing services including wash basin, water pipes, water heaters, etc.

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Electrical work

We can arrange for professional electrician services to help with the installation of lighting, power points, relaying of wires, etc. Speak to our renovation consultants for a quick and affordable quote.

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Painting Services and Color Painting consultants will help provide professional color matching for you! From problems like fading, flaking or chalking of paints, efflorescence, holes & cracks, has the expertise to provide consultation.